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EYECONIC in the making


I am a local girl, I grew up in North Orange County. La Habra is my home city. I graduated from my local highschool; La Habra High. While in highschool I maintained active in my community and school  through various community service programs and groups.

I am so proud and excited that I get to have my first store front business in the city that saw me grow up.


I didn't dream of making a career in the beauty industry, never did it cross my mind that I would become a licensed esthetician, nor that I would start a business at a young age. I guess you can say it was meant to be, I am doing what I am supposed to be doing. 

In 2017: after I had dropped out of college the previous year, I randomly decided to enroll in a Esthetics Program. I had no intent of making anything out of it, other than learn how to professional care for my own skin at home. I really had nothing to loose, i was getting tired of my (at the time) job, and i didn't have much going for me.

I can honestly say that I enjoyed the program, I completed the required hours and applied to get my state license. While attending the program I took course, and started practicing the art of Lash Extensions. Once I took and passed my State Board test, I began working  as a licensed esthetican and certified lash extension artist at a lash studio. 

I worked at the lash studio for less than a year and decided that I wanted to do one of the riskiest and most wild dreams. I started my own business. 


When I started my business, at the time called Dazzling Lash & Wax Studio, I was only 20 years old. I did't know much about the behind the scenes of being a business owner; the legalities and technicalities. All I had was a whole lot of hope, a great work ethic, an optimistic attitude, and a new found passion for eyelashes.

It was a big risk, I was new to the industry, I was very young. 

When I opened my former location, I only had three clients that knew about my new venture, but three clients was better than zero for me. 

One thing that I believe has been essential for my business is the dedication to continuous learning and elevating my techniques and knowledge in the services I offer. This has been one of the practices I have done since the beginning of my business

I am proud of how I built my business. I was doing it, and growing. I grew a lot during my first year in business. My work spoke for itself.

The EYECONIC rebrand

After about a year and a half I started looking to expand. I found my current location where I wasn't even looking at; home. When I came across this location everything about the location was ideal. I signed a lease and moved in about three months later. In the meantime I also rebranded, and that is when I chose the new name: EYECONIC. I wanted to build a memorable  brand and wanted to create a platform for some of my other goals. 

I have been so fortunate to have built a clientele that trusts me as well as having fellow beauty professionals trust me with their services. Earlier this year I was asked to be a part of a shoot for a campaign for a company in the lash industry. I worked on two models, for whom I did lashes.

My vision and goals for EYECONIC, have a long way to go. I am currently working on other projects, including some that will give back to my community. 


The vision behind EYECONIC is to encourage women to be our authentic selves. To view beauty differently. To highlight how amazing women are, the diversity, the talents we have.I believe that beauty is a mindset, acquired from feeling confident with yourself. 

 "If you look good, you feel good. If you feel good, you play good."


I am not just being bias, but when I look at myself after getting my lashes or eyebrows done, I feel great about myself; more


I do better, I am more active, and overall

have more energy. Should I even talk

about how much time I save everyday getting ready? 

I hear this very often from many of my

guests and from fellow industry professionals. 

The power of lashes and eyebrows goes

beyond just looking good. it's...



Interview for VoyageLA


I want to say thank you, for taking the time to visit my site, I would love to meet very soon!

If you're looking into becoming an EYECONIC member and being a guest at our salon, please book online. Be sure to reach out with any questions, we are here to help you with any questions.

If you are a beauty professional and wish to inquire about working at the salon as an independent business, please submit the form below and we will get back to you as soon as we receive your inquire. 

For any other inquiries including collabs, please also email us using this form! 


            Looking forward to hearing from you! 

                        - Judith Quintana

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