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Your best brows deserve to be unveiled

This service is a high-end detailed eyebrow shaping treatment. You can trust for your eyebrows to be shaped according to your natural facial features. No eyebrow session is ever a cookie-cutter session. An eyebrow appointment includes detailed mapping, trimming the hairs, waxing the unwanted areas, and precision tweezing, finalized with the application of some of best eyebrow products on the market.
This service is great for anyone, because every session is customized, you can trust that even if your goal is to grow out fuller thicker eyebrows, we can set up a personalized eyebrow plan for you to achieve the eyebrows you desire.



initial session $40
exclusive EYECONIC member $30

For those intending to grow from thin to fuller and thicker brows, please indicate your ideal eyebrow goals at the time of your appointment. We will create a personalized ideal shape and eyebrow growth plan for you. 

Initial session for all new guests includes a consultation and information intake session, map out of your ideal brows according to your facial features and your ideal brow goals. Followed by waxing, detailed trimming and tweezing to accomplish clean lines. To finish your brows will be filled in with makeup using the correct tones and shades that complement your natural tones to accomplish a natural filled brow.  



Lamination is one of the latest trending brow treatments. This keratin treatment helps redirect the pattern of the hair growth into the desired direction and shape allowing the brows to look fuller and even thicker. This service is also great for those with unruly eyebrows, as this services helps tame the hair into position, it is also a great service for thinner and sparse eyebrows.
Combined with the already detailed Eyebrow Sculpting session for the most astonishing eyebrows.

* ask about brow tinting 
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