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Find the perfect service for you and that you wish to book. Check out the price list and time frames for each service.

Shadow on Concrete Wall


Read through our Salon Policies and Requirements for appointments. 

Shadow on Concrete Wall


Book your appointment, either online or by sending an appointment request. 

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Send in your appointment deposit. 

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Fill out and submit our online intake, and release/consent forms.

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Come to your appoitment!

Shadow on Concrete Wall


Comply to our wellness check and safety salon regulations.

Shadow on Concrete Wall


Relax and Enjoy this self-care time. 

What To expect the

day of your appointment. 

COVID-prevention style

Consent/ Release of Liability Form must have been filled out prior to arriving to your appointment. 

*Upon arriving to your appointment, a wellness check will be conducted, which will include screening for any COVID-like symptoms, and your temperature will be taken with a contact-less thermometer. 

*You will be required to wash your hands, or to sanitize, with sanitizer that will be made available to you. 

*You will be required to wear a mask for as long as possible, to be removed only upon professional's directions. If you don't have a mask, one will be provided.

*Please come to your appointment alone. 

*We encourage to keep talking to a minimum in order to prevent the spread of virus droplets transmitted through droplets of saliva. 


All appointments require a non-refundable deposit to secure and hold a spot. Deposits are applied towards your total at the time of your appointments. Deposits are due within the first 12 hrs after booking an appointment either Direct or Online. 

Why do we require deposits?

- Deposits are to ensure an appointment time. Because of the new way of business, we have a limited availability. The number of appointments we can take a day has decreased due to the increased time allocated to deep cleaning in-between clients throughout the day. No-shows and  late cancellations are inconvenient to the salon, since we are by-appointment only, your appointment is put aside exclusively for you, per your request. Having last-minute cancellations/reschedules prevents us from being able to book somebody else who might have been interested in the same appointment scheduled for you. With deposits, we have security that we will be working and that our appointments are taken. 

- You may chose to reschedule an appointment, if done so before the 24 hrs required period, the deposit will be allocated toward a rescheduled appointment. Deposits cannot be refunded. Please communicate with us if you come across any unforeseen emergencies, our goal is to best accommodate our guests.


Lash Extensions Full Sets: $50

Lash Extensions Fills/ Lash Lifts/ Lamination: $30

Eyebrows and Waxing: $15


Venmo: name- EYECONIC (Judith EYECONIC)

Zelle:  email-

Once the deposit is made, your appointment will be secured!

Appointments will be canceled and be put up as available for other guests, if there is no deposit made. 

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